1,100 sf house in Hialeah Guy and Kathy were both born and raised in South Florida (Hialeah).   Guy grew up in a house that was 1,100 square feet with 6 brothers and sisters, while Kathy was one of 8 siblings.  I am often asked if we were a close family?  “Yes, sometimes not by choice”.  Guy & Kathy met when they were 7 years old.  Kathy was a cheerleader and Guy was a football player for the local Optimist Football team.

Although they knew each other for many years and went to the same junior high and high school, they did not begin dating until eight years after high school, and were married a year later in December, 1989.

Upon graduating from Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia where Guy played football he returned to South Florida where he was a coach and teacher for eight years.  Kathy was the director and choreographer for the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders.

Early Years
Getting Married
In 1988 Guy was introduced to A.L. Williams, a company that showed consumers how to “Buy Term & Invest the Difference”.  At the time Guy was working seven part-time jobs at the school to make extra money and jumped at the chance to rid himself of them and focus on just one thing part-time.  He worked the business part-time for 3.5 years before going full-time in June of 1991. 
Guy and Kathy have spent the last 17 years recruiting and training thousands of people how to become successful in business.  They now have over 35 Regional Vice Presidents who own and operate their own Primerica businesses.  These offices are located in Orlando, Spain, Georgia, and primarily in South Florida.  They also have representatives in several states. In August of 2007 they surpassed a million dollars a year in income and were selected to the Primerica "Wall of Fame".  Today they continue to grow their Primerica business and spend most of their time with their three sons; Javan, Asher, and Tiras. Getting his first Million award
Expending time with the Family